Commercial service

Power supply system
for production systems

The busbar hull cells are additional stiffening ribs
High-quality current collectors virtually eliminate the effects of voltage surges
Sectional structure of trolley busbar systems significantly simplifies the process of maintenance and repair of power supply
The PVC case provides protection against mechanical impact, protection against dust and moisture according to the IP 23 standard, and traditional cable systems are deformed and torn with constant compression-decompression
One section of the trolley busbar can power several mechanisms, in the case of power cables, for each mechanism you will have to lay your power cable
Consumption of trolley systems in comparison with cable sections is lower, respectively, the cost of such systems is lower

Trolley busbar for crane - power supply system designed for crane installations and other equipment, where there is a need for reliable power supply.

The idea of this power supply is that copper busbars are used as the contact, which are placed in the PVC case to isolate the contact.
The powered equipment is connected to the current collector trolley, which brushes the current from the copper busbars. When moving equipment trolley current collector moves along with connected equipment. This solves most of the problems associated with the "classic" cable power supply.

The trolley busbar is manufactured sectionally in standard lengths from 4 meters. Busbars are open and closed. Sections are interconnected by screw or spring connection. These connections compensate for the current loss when the current collector carriage moves from section to section. Depending on the characteristics of the powered equipment, a busbar model is selected. The difference lies in the cross-sectional area of the copper bus; as the cross-sectional area increases, the required load for the powered equipment increases. Power supply can be made at the end of the line (end) or in any other place (linear).

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Advantages of using
trolley busbar systems

1. To improve the conductivity is used only copper grade M0
2. Due to the pre-installed copper bus, the installation at height is made easier.
3. Thanks to the sectional design, the maintenance process has been greatly simplified.
4. The problems of “classical power supply” (cable) are excluded.

The range of components of the busbar allows power supply, even on complex production sites. Trolley busbar is suitable for installation both in closed industrial premises and in open areas. Possible sealing busbar to standard IP 44 and temperature range from -40 to +40 degrees.  

A system approach to supplying power to equipment implies a large range of solutions and a wide range of components. In the system of trolley busbar “Tehnotron” everything is thought out to the smallest detail. From the required busbar model and power supply, to the method of mounting the line and busbar mounts.

Production of all elements of the Tehnotron busbar system is carried out on its own equipment, without the involvement of third parties.
This allows you to control the quality of products at all stages of production, from the production of PVC cases to the production of copper tires. Also carried out 100% input control of supplied materials and raw materials. All materials used have certificates of conformity and are open in the IMDS system. Already finished products undergo mandatory quality control, during which products are checked for compliance with design documentation and compliance with the standard.        

Line feed 4-100, 5-100

Permissible load - 100A
Cable entry - 29-40mm

Current collector

Permissible load - 60A
The diameter of the connecting wire - 13mm

Cover butt
To close tire connections
Line power supply 4-125

Permissible load - 125A
Cable entry - 29-40mm

Line power supply 4-125

Permissible load - 125
Cable entry - 29-40mm

End cap

External plug of the last
section of busbar

End feed

Permissible load - 60A
Cable entry - 29-40mm

End feed

To connect tires
between sections

Sealing tape

Increases basic protection and allows
exploitation at t from -40 to +40

Hard suspension

For mounting busbar to the bracket,
mounted 1pcs per 100m

Sliding suspension

For mounting busbar
to the bracket, mounted every 2m

Capture of the current collector

Leads the movement of the current collector
in the line parallel to the crane

Bracket welded

For mounting
the line to the crane girder

At the moment, the company "Tehnotron" - the first of the Russian companies that have established the production of trolley busbar systems in the Russian Federation. Up to this point, only foreign-made systems were delivered to Russia at inflated prices. Localization of the production of these systems in Russia will make it possible to move towards fair pricing in this market and will contribute to the import substitution of Russian companies, as well as to the growth of investments in domestic production and its modernization.
Number of tires 5(4)
Size of PVC section 3945*40*54 мм
Copper Bus Size 3996*13*2,6 мм
Max current strength 100 А
Max voltage 600 В
Number of tires 5(4)
Size of PVC section 3945*40*54 мм
Copper Bus Size 3996*13*32,5 мм
Max current strength 125 А
Max voltage 600 В
Number of tires 5(4)
Size of PVC section 3945*40*54 мм
Copper Bus Size 3996*13*42,9 мм
Max current strength 140 А
Max voltage 690 В
Number of tires 5(4)
Size of PVC section 3945*40*54 мм
Copper Bus Size 3996*13*18,2 мм
Max current strength 60 А
Max voltage 690 В

Head of sales of lifting mechanisms
Михаил Юрьевич Гневнов

Manager of the group of sales of lifting mechanisms
Лейсан  Рафаэлевна Алчина