Commercial service

Technex, LLC is a company today that is able to fulfill any project starting with an idea and ending in delivery of lifting equipment ready for operation (READY-MADE). We are performing the following types of works: designing of lifting equipment, production and delivery of cranes, installation, disassembling, repair, commissioning of cranes, modernization of electric equipment, anticorrosion treatment (painting) of crane steel structures, repair of crane tracks (surface-mounted and overhead ones), electric hoists, choosing of spare parts, etc.  

WERKER Group of Companies

WERKER group of companies is one of the leading manufacturers of lifting equipment in the North-West region of Russia. The company offers comprehensive solutions for the manufacture, supply and installation of lifting equipment. The products manufactured by the plant are used at the largest machine-building enterprises in Russia and the near abroad. The combination of advanced engineering solutions and modern production technologies - the basis of the high quality of our products!