Commercial service
Input control of raw materials, materials and components Is carried out by the method of visual, instrumental control and laboratory research.
Technological control of the production process It is carried out by highly qualified process engineers, quality engineers
Interoperability control Parameter control after each operation with the use of specialized equipment and tools
Acceptance inspection of finished products It is produced in accordance with the technological documentation (quality management plans) using specialized equipment and tools (3D scanner)
Quality control and tooling service Application of 3D methods for scanning work surfaces, accessories and parts
Statistical quality control Continuous monitoring of the stability of the process performance parameters (including technological modes of equipment, measurement process (MSA), as well as statistical analysis of the actual values of part dimensions (SPC))

The company's quality system, from product design to production, meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 and is annually confirmed by the independent certification body United Registrar of Systems Ltd. (URS Certification).

The company PTFK Tehnotron JSC expects from its partners a mutually beneficial price offer, timely delivery, compliance of the supplied products and services with the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental friendliness. Therefore, work with suppliers is built according to the «8D Quality ProblemSolving Process.».

Accurate implementation of the processes of the quality management system allows you to continuously improve the efficiency of resource use and product quality. Excellent raw materials, modern production equipment, qualified personnel, strict control of the production culture guarantee the high quality of the products. We focus on the quality, quality of the whole system of JSC PTFC Tekhnotron as a whole and each of its components.