Commercial service


In October 2019 the All-Russian Campaign called Open Doors was held at TEMPO and let students of industry-specific colleges to have an excursion at the Company.

The excursion took place among the students of Naberezhnye Chelny Engineering College State Autonomous Education Institution. The excursion agenda included a history of Pipe Plant, KZMK, ZTEO, ITZ, KMK, TEHNOTRON (SMC painting area, TPA TsIPandRI ), NTZ, as well as description of production main stages, of the administration building, front gate entrance, shop floor, etc.

The excursion helped the students to better understand a production chain and technological processes, and also made it possible to learn about products being manufactured, state of equipment and logistics arrangement.

The students enjoyed drinking tea and eating delicious snacks in the factory canteen at the end of the excursion.